Comment: Michael, No one said you owe us anything.

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Michael, No one said you owe us anything.

I asked for the code via email, you did not respond. No big deal.

I get it.. you want us to start with a plain vanilla version of Drupal just like you. I get it. Years of development.

What I don't get is the censorship of the DP.

Aside from 911 conspiracies and efforts to label us (and Debra Medina) crazy it has never been like this around here; even with promoters of GJ and others who were sincerely promoting liberty, no one has ever been completely silenced.

I don't get it. I don't understand it. And I have never cursed at you sir.

But it is your site. And you can use it to serve whatever interests you like regardless of whether or not it serves the truth.