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Comment: This is serious. EVERYBODY MUST KNOW THIS!

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So I went and checked all the cases as best as possible in my own capability and this is actually very disturbing as how people are taking this.

If you read the document Ron Paul's attorney has reported, there is no mention of stripping of the content and merchandise of the website in the document posted by its own website. All he want is his name, reputation, identity back. It's almost like asking to have your own passport or credit to your name as the composer of your own song.

The pages have 65 pages in total in the full files. The first 13 pages are the actual complain, the rest is ICANN policies which attached to explain why the complains are valid. However, also have a respond the complaint that is very interestingly hilarious as well. I'll get to that.

- The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN, /ˈaɪkæn/ eye-kan) is a nonprofit private organization headquartered in Los Angeles, California, United States, that was created to oversee a number of Internet-related tasks previously performed directly on behalf of the U.S. government by other organizations, notably the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), which ICANN now operates.

This means that ICANN is operated right under US not UN. Why does it sound like UN get involve?

- If you read the complaint, the owner of this site (not the representative) used the service from, which it is stationed in Australia. Yes, it's in Australia. ICANN, as a company, can't resolve this matter as a private company so they have to use UN as a medium of communication. UN has not authority over this case whatsoever. Worse, is operated under ICANN agreement. (

- Now, the only way ICANN can resolve this is through WIPO, which is an agency of UN, so that the company can enact their contract service with Tim Martin and Ron Paul. Tim Martin has also signed into this knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally to abide it....unless he didn't read.

WIPO is the agency that every country's and everybody copyrights are collected. All your invention, creations from your own songs, arts, literatures, invention, small to large company names go to. They are nothing like copyrights law in US. Their copyright law allows me (as a composer as well) to have my music credit me. You can still buy from me and copy and share it all over the place to anyone as long as it has my name on it. However, you can't SELL it as if it is yours.

Exp: Mozart's music is Mozart's. You can't sell it without buying the copyright etc, but you can get the music sheet, play it anywhere, teach anyone, copy as many as you won't as long as it has Mozart's name. That's an actual fair copyright. Another way is to buy the copyright from the present owner.

Here comes the most catchy part that you guys might wanna know:

- According to the complaint, the first price he is asking Ron Paul to buy from is all the way to 850K. That's almost a million for a name. Ron Paul then offered 50K. He then reduced the priced down 250K.

- Apparently, Ron Paul decided not to buy the name .com or .org etc. (just the name, he can keep all the content and merchandise according to the complaint) He wanted to resolve this through ICANN contract policies that Tim Martin signed to promise that he must abide it. The punishment that Tim would get if he lost? ZEUCH! This is nothing like Aaron's Swartz getting 35-50 years in jail. If Ron Paul wins, then Tim must give it to Ron Paul otherwise Ron Paul doesn't have to resolve it anymore. ICANN and WIPO can literally take action on Tim by themselves depending on the law of that country. That will become something like Swartz to protect the company's credibility of protecting their own contract.

Here is the last part:

- Ron Paul then decided that if he won't be given the name back, he will just make his own website called It's under construction and it says that it will be given to Ron Paul for free right away when it's done. (Tim Martin) responded exactly like this "To avoid these complications we'd like to offer you an alternative domain name,, for your new website at no cost whatsoever. Please don't use a monstrosity such as "" as is being speculated on the forums. is an attractive, high quality alternative, and it won't cost you
anything. (Other than the annual renewal fee; all domains have to be renewed each year and that costs about $10 per year.)"

This part of respond....
"Please don't use a monstrosity such as "" as is being speculated on the forums. "

Why can't the owner of the identity make his own website? >>> monstrosity <<

Regardless of what you think of Chris Kyle, "live by sword, die by sword" is nowhere near as he deserves it "Had it coming". In Ron's definition, when you live in violence you are likely to die by violence. You can think of it as a karma. However, as a person born in Thailand (Buddhist country), karma is cause an effect of nature system. Not blacks deserve blacks white deserve white.

So Ron Paul didn't mean that, Tim did. Where do you think the racist newsletter came from even RP has his name as a publisher not the writer.

The full document is still in page, pls download and upload on to the website. The respond letter is also there. Read through it if you wanna know what's going on.

This is so much to go through doing research especially when all the media is hyping all over this except this one: