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Off the top of my head

It seems to me that you made a contract for the property in good faith and that was breached by the city accepting the developer's easement deed in property value, the real estate agent, who did not disclose the problems of the property/ and James Langdon.

I would, now this is off the top of my head.. but I would write a letter, short outline with most important FACTS, include pictures, and this should go to your sentators, congressman, board of supervisors in your district.. the DFG, the city, WA conservation corps, WA conservation commission.. human rights watch, any and all local organizations that would find it interesting.. it should be pages of copies to.. but addressed to the city manager.. send it to all MSM, local radio.. it should be an appeal for help. It's pretty late for me, and I've been partying (mardi gras), starting my fast tomorrow.. so this post..well, like you, I've worked for years on conservative and then enviromental issues.. and I saw the "light" about a decade ago.. fish and frogs being the reason behind breached contracts that hurt good people in the name of saving the planet.. We have a brochure from the new national parks in CA that calim all the shoreline.. protecting rocks..
I'm going to lift this up in prayer tonight.. GOD BLESS YOU.. got my thinking cap on... ((((((((((Melinda and family))))))))))