Comment: Wait.. RP want it back?

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Wait.. RP want it back?

When did RP own the domain name? He never owned it. He didn't want to own it. For 6 years the owners kept it clean.

Let's say that 6 years ago some friends built a road and named it The Granger. I never paid any attention. I was busy doing my thing. Then I have some time and see that I could make some money if I had that road. It's got my name.. I could charge folks a toll for using the road with my name.

My friends say,, sure Granger, you can have that road $800K. That's crazy. I'm not going to pay that. So then they say, $250K Granger and you can have that road.

Well... that road has MY name.. so I go to the state and file a claim to MY road because it's got my name, everyone knows I'm The Granger, so they should give it to me. All my friends who LOVE LOVE LOVE me, no matter what I do, will back me, and demand my friends who built the road give it to me. I am LOVED. I am famous. No one knows about them. No one cares about them. Who cares if they built that road? That's their problem. The road has MY name.. I'm claiming it. I don't owe them a damn thing! The state can use its FORCE to give me MY Road with MY name.

Seems to me, that is what is going on.

PLEASE EDUCATE ME.. becasue I'm not getting it.