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Here is why

I thought I already wrote this on the comment and now I can't find it either.

Ok, this argument about there are many people sharing the same name right? But don't you think that you have other unique identification as well such as your faces, your work, you voices, your fingerprint, etc.

In that website, it clearly represents Ron Paul without permission using his face all over the web, his podcast, his quote, his video, his debate, his...etc you can go look at it yourself. There is no mention about that this is not the official Ron Paul that owns this page. Let's say there is Ron Paul basketball player and he's this 25 years old kid brown skin with long blond hair and he made a website called using his identity in his website like his work, his face, his body, his record of basketball performance, etc. This doctor/candidate Ron Paul can't complain to ask for the web name to ICANN. Unless Doctor Ron Paul asked basketball player Ron Paul privately and this brown skin with long blond hair is willing to give/sell, they can do so as well.

Let's say your name is Jim Tanner and you make In that website, it has your signature, your works, your creations, your face, your identity, etc that indicates clearly that it's you, a CEO Jim Tanner that's not you don't have a chance to complain against you.

This is to protect somebody imposing or framing you of something on world wide web. Also, strangers can't claim to be you and dispute you from merchandize to identity/reputation theft...etc

Like let's says somebody said something racist and discriminating while having the same name as you, he posted that you said this with your face. You can protect yourself that the owner of this website is not you for example.