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Comment: As a test, and if you can

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As a test, and if you can

As a test, and if you can somehow get hold of it, buy Organic Pastures milk. It's raw. The cows producing this milk eat grass and weeds and roam in one part of a large pasture, then after devouring it move to a fresh portion of the pasture. They rotate when it's time and are indoors during poor weather. They're cared for homeopathically, which I think is bizarre, but evidently it works for the cows. The test, however, would be this: Drink the best milk you can find, then drink OP's milk.

Notice a couple things: the inside of the glasses after they're empty and notice how your mouth feels, paying attention to the insides of your cheeks, gums and teeth. After you run this test, let me know your observations. I've had a few people do this and they reported what I thought they would. I'm curious to see if you report what they did and what I noticed when I began drinking this milk, in summer 2007.

In trying to convince the manager of the mini mart I worked for to carry OP's milk, in the summer I called OP for information. In my conversation with the receptionist, he said Mark McAfee, the diary man of OP, recently employed pathologists to test his milk daily for pathogens. This decision is one smart maneuver. It puts nothing less than a crimp in the ability of the state government, the California government, to force McAfee to recall his milk and all his other products such as cheese, cream, kefir and colostrum when someone claims he gets sick from one of them, but which is always milk, I recollect. I'm confident McAfee made this maneuver in response to the recall in late 2011 that left him unable to sell his products anywhere but on his farm for three, maybe four, months.

This recall was based on three or four people who said they drank his milk but couldn't disprove whatever else they ingested at the time could have caused them to feel ill. I don't remember their illnesses, but I think they were minor. These claims were strange for at least one reason: Up to that time, Mark had his milk tested in batches weekly, and not one batch came back bad or, even, tainted. Not one. I think this testing was onsite but it wasn't how it is now, detailed. As well, I think he performed it or if not that, then he recorded it. If it was recorded, then the testing was done by an outside source. I just don't remember.

What I linked to in my comment above to you is a two CD set with one half of it being a two-hour documentary of McAfee walking the viewer through his diary (which, aside from his invitation to anyone to walk through his dairy, is the only view of a dairy anyone will ever see this way, closely), discussing how he makes his milk and for a about an hour answering questions from the videographer after the walkthrough. A fair number of those questions pertain to the science of his milk. The second disc contains an interview with naturopath Geoff Getoff of Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, the namesake organization dedicated to preserving and building on the work of those doctors. His interview is solid, but I think the McAfee dairy walkthrough and interview is better. Each disc is about two hours long. I think you'll appreciate this video set.

OK, Mich~ael, talk with you later, and if you got questions, you know what to do: keep 'em to yourself. Just kidding. lol. Ask me. Later, man.

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Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.