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Comment: I disagree with the poor use of tech. Great speech. Crap tech.

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I disagree with the poor use of tech. Great speech. Crap tech.

The sound and video quality are total crap, I am very disappointed for these reasons, irrespective of the content of his speech. I was only 3 min and 17 sec/ into the speech when I wrote this. Now picture yourself as a short attention span Obama supporting liberal. Are you going to listen to this speech? Fuck No!

I am a Rand Paul supporter. I disagree totally with DP'rs who say Rand is a neocon. However tonight I objectively admit he dropped the ball. The sound and video engineers hired to do this should never be hired again. In this, let the free market work. I know people with the skills and equipment who could do better.

Virtually all of the content of his speech I agree with. But I can not let this go unsaid. I can not in good conscience allow this travesty of crap video and sound engineering to go unchallenged. I will continue to support Rand, trusting he is attempting to make inroads with those pieces of human fecal matter who have thus far been neoconned, however I will not stand by quietly and say nothing.

I agree with the message. I disagree, most vociferously, with the poor use of technology with which this speech was delivered.