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Comment: Hollowco$t (tm) propaganda again...

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Hollowco$t (tm) propaganda again...

Whether or not this fellow had his grand mothers head bashed in by a Nazi doesn't mean there was a holocaust.

What does the word holocaust mean anyway?

It means being burned alive.

Germany before WWII was being threatend by the same menace that took out Christian Russia, namely a JEWISH 5th column communist element of the ATHEIST/JEWISH USSR.

The global Zionist movements main objective in WWII as today was/is to DESTROY CHRISTIANITY.

The global zionists control EVERY INFORMATION OUTLET in America except the internet, and they are desperately trying to shut it down now because of people like me exposing their real motives.

A communist fifth element giving aid and comfort to the enemies of Christian Germany.

No people, there is no evidence, no FORENSIC evidence to support the claim of a 'great burning' of 6 million Jews.

There IS however a mountain of evidence that Trotsky and others sent 10's of millions of CHRISTIANS who would not renounce Jesus TO THEIR DEATHS in Siberian ACTUAL miserable 'death camps'.

The so-called 'death camp' at Auschwitz was in actuality a METROPOLITAN city with all of the luxuries of NYC or Paris, the 'arts', parks, swimming pools, house of worship for ALL DENOMINATIONS, wages paid in spendable camp currency, a hospital where the babies of 3000 so-called 'worthless eaters'(according to Zionist propaganda ALL of those who could not work were sent into the 'gas chamber' line, old people, sick people, cripples, and PREGNANT WOMEN especially supposedly were sent straight to the gas chamber right when they stepped off the 'death train') were born and not even 1 of them died.

In fact the entire Jewish holocaust story came from behind the IRON CURTAIN, in communist poland, the country where it is NOW claimed(by the Zionist Holocau$t(tm) lobby, that most of the Jewish holocaust( a great burning) is supposed to have taken place.

The former President of Poland was a holocaust NON-BELIEVER, unfortunately, he and his entire administration, were killed in a mysterious plane crash before Poland could announce the holocaust to be phony history...

But the Polish people, have a completely different understanding of the holocaust. The Poles believe in a holocaust alright, a holocaust of Christian Poles by the ZYDO-COMMUNISTS!

Any cursory search engine review of the statements I have made will lead the objective researcher to this exact same conclusion, the HOLOCAUST OF JEWS is not real.