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Let's say you were born in

Let's say you were born in Seattle or Miami or San Diego. So your mom signs you up for a birth certificate and SS number. By the time you are twelve you start working and realize that life is not what you thought. You had been taught that you were free. You had the Bill of Rights (BoR). But if you were free why are they taking 30% from your paycheck? You start studying to find out wtf is going on. You realize the the BoR is bs. You were not born free. You are a slave. So why do you have to agree to follow the 38 million laws that are in place? You never signed up for that. And why does that hick from Kansas demand that you participate in his tyranny? What could you do? Move to Mexico? It's a bit freer. But what does a gigantic geographic area have to do with freedom anyway? What would be wrong with the Greek polis or city-state? Then you could find the EXACT type of place you wanted to live in. Local governments would be unable to plunder its citizens because there would be competition. But today we have no choice. I call that tyranny. I call it slavery.

So that's it. I absolutely do not understand how this centralized government tyranny concept could be agreed upon by 300,000,000 folks. Human are complete sheep. That is my conclusion. You can tell them ANYTHING and they will follow as long as everybody else is doing it. But it does not make it right. You are as slave. I am a slave.