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Comment: Liberty-First

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It seems to me that in your back-and-forth with Josh below, you are stuck in the abstract. Perhaps you should come back to the real world. Look around you. Do you like what you see? If so, then congratulations to you, and there's nothing to discuss. If not, perhaps it would be good to think of a practical direction for improvement. Some kind of pie-in-the-sky about "the intellectuals and the majority are going to become rational to save us" is not going to help. If we are saved from the insanity around us, we are going to have to save ourselves.

You are stuck with a large (99.9 percent) irrational population around you who are more than happy to initiate violence against you. And rather than suggest an alternative direction, you want to join the 99.9 percent and tell anyone who offers an alternative that he is irrational. Is this a good plan?