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Comment: Ultimately there is my own self interest

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Ultimately there is my own self interest

i.e. my sanity.

Everyone hated all the GJ fighting threads. I did too. I didn't like looking at them. They took up the ENTIRE active forum topics list at times. It was draining and tiring. It seems that all people wanted to do was to fight about GJ.

I didn't know what to do about it, but I knew that the election would be over soon enough, and the problem would be solved.

In this instance, the problem won't be solved by itself. It will drag on and on for years. There are some people here (see above), who think that because this site actively supported Ron Paul, that it should also actively support his son. The owner of this site (me) disagrees. The owner of this site (me) would be bored with such a mission. Therefore the owner of this site (me), has taken steps to appease both factions.

BTW, to address your comment above, I didn't divide this site into pro or anti factions. Individuals have all made their choices, and in the aggregate, the division has occurred naturally. Same as it did with Gary Johnson.

I never thought of Michael as a baby-sitter or us as needing one.

The reason this site was united behind Ron Paul is because the moderators, led by me, actively managed the community. We banned all the Ron Paul haters. We broke up fights. We banned the disagreeable. It was tiring and draining and took up a lot of time and energy. The fact that you never thought of me as a baby sitter is testament to the excellent job that the moderators here have done behind the scenes on my behalf.

I think you mistake, and sorry for not explaining it, RandWatch as a pro Rand section of the site. It is not. It is where people can go - pro and con - to "watch" and discuss Rand. Since I'm not interested in that discussion, I don't want to have to watch it played out on the front pages.

So I'm not going to ban anti-Rand folks. They can duke it out with the pro Rand folks. Just don't ask me to break up any fights. That part of the site will be largely unmoderated. Then you'll really be able to see what a baby sitter I have to be for the rest of the site.