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Comment: "No more or less of a problem than hitting them at 75mph, or

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"No more or less of a problem than hitting them at 75mph, or

20mph for that matter."

That's an illogical statement. Ever seen someone going 150 slam into someone going 65 versus one going 75 slam into one going 65? Physics wants to have a talk with you and he's not happy. :)

"More laws, solves nothing. It is fear mongering."

They do on occasion give pause to some people. Fear works fairly well as a deterrent and even motivator. The threat of having to pay a hefty fine would give me pause. It has before..sometimes I've weighed out the cost/benefit and chose anyway, sometimes I've chosen not to do something because the threat of going to jail was too great..

I struggle with something now.. On one hand I know it's wrong but on another, I feel if I don't act... things will continue to deteriorate. Morally I'm conflicted and at this moment, societies laws come into play for me. So they aren't physically stopping me but.... That's why only using the moral argument is weak.. Morality is too subjective.

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