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Maybe you and I, along with everyone that is on the DP, can stomach the truth and want to hear it bluntly. In reality the public does not want to hear the bad and the ugly, but only the good.

Everyone that has run for the presidency and won, ran on a positive upbeat message and not the constant "america is doomed" meme.

I have said for years now, that you have to say what has to be said to get into office. Once there, do exactly what the constitution says.

Why should Rand do any different. All these other A-hole Reps lie through thier teeth to get in office, then they do what they want.

I say, lie through your teeth so that the sheep drool over you, then get into office and give them a REAL DOSE of the Constitution and Liberty.

Don't like the idea of having to lie? Please move to another planet that accepts "political nepphytes".