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Comment: Creating divisions in the liberty movement

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Creating divisions in the liberty movement

.... seems to be the one tactic that has any impact. Liberty activists need to master the art of deflecting division while remaining on-point and focused. Learn to identify divisive tactics and boomerang them right back at the source. Learn to identify and refute logical fallacies and disinformation. Most importantly recognize that simply wasting your time is a victory for paid government shills who are likely using new software that creates 40 or more online identities managed by one government shill. Thanks to State-run media the average American is so misinformed they cannot make any useful contribution to the conversation. Thanks to State schooling the average American cannot discern truth from propaganda. Thanks to satanic "pop culture" force-fed from birth the average American is unaware that they are being incrementally de-humanized and turned into soulless bots for totalitarian world government.