Comment: the issue of speeding: there

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the issue of speeding: there

the issue of speeding:

there is no issue. a person is responsible for their own actions. someone who doesn't speed now probably won't drive to much faster than around what the speed limits are anyway. those that do, as long as they maintain control don't have a problem. if i can control my car at 150 MPH and i don't hurt someone, what's the problem?

the idea is that MOST people are responsible enough to not do anything stupid and that's pretty true. the punishment comes when a person is hurt/killed. if that happens then the government can step in, or the persons family can have their comeuppance. depending on whether your'e a minachist or anarchist. speeding doesn't harm anyone. most fatal crashes happen at between 35 and 50 (i'll try to find my source for that and present it when i find it, i'm in school now so i can't do a lot of research.) so speeding isn't the problem.