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Comment: And with the one response you see how quickly

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And with the one response you see how quickly

anarchy falls to chaos. And in chaos, it is rarely the moral man who prevails - it is the more "primitive" man who immediately go to the fight or flight mode as a response. Clearly you chose the fight mode by attacking.
"between Wolfe and I"
No rp4pres - this is anarchy which means it is a conversation between who ever the hell feels like conversing and you, since there are nor rules of law or social structure - you can make no claim that I violated any such structure.

And here in lies the downfall of anarchy. So who is to settle the dispute? If left to the two parties - the more immoral man will always win, since he is not held back by morals of the other man. As more moral men are defeated, the problem becomes exponential and the gang mentality and society takes hold.