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it a freakin' rest will you?

For God's sake the guys created a specific Rand Paul forum so that you and other enthusiasts could go and discuss him all you wanted, and you're STILL pissing and moaning. You've even insinuated that the DP has taken the same path as the MSM and even alluded to MN being a liar, which now has me pissed off.

Don't you understand that what you're doing is precisely what the owner is trying to avoid? Do you NOT remember all the vitriolic GJ bullshit that went on here Ad nauseam? I couldn't care less if you and that jackwagon from Canada agree on Rand Paul now. HE'S NOT EVEN RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT!

NO other political website that I know of has made more concessions, and been more lenient on content and clown like behavior than this one. You're definitely veering into the clown like column.

The owner has taken considerable time out of their day to carefully explain their own thoughts and positions ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS, yet you still clamor on like a spoiled toddler that isn't getting their way.

Let me make it simple for you.

Either enjoy and appreciate the effort that has gone into trying to please Rand supporters and participate in the special forum that has been created JUST for you, or hit the road and head on over to RPF and participate in their Rand forum.
This site (to my understanding) was never meant to be a life long shrine or a torch bearer for the Paul dynasty. I frankly don't even care if it is still "Dedicated to Restoring Constitutional Government to the United states of America" since you can pretty much get a Nobel Peace prize free with oil change, and the Constitution has been practically eviscerated.
I'm just happy to have a place to discuss and prepare for current events with like minded individuals who were brought here for a lot of the same reasons. You should be as well.