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Comment: Not Enough Media Information To Make a Decision

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Not Enough Media Information To Make a Decision

A few years ago, I was stopped by a cop while driving around my neighborhood. He told me that I fit the description of a person who had just robbed a local convenience store at gunpoint. He told me to sit in my car as he chatted on his walkies-talkie. After fifteen minutes, he told me that I was free to leave because they had gotten the real robber.

Maybe they should have shot CS gas into my car and waited for me to be burned to a crisp in the car? After all, I was ID'd as the bad guy.

The Dorner story started with a cop who was supposedly angered because he was fired from his job five years ago, so he recently killed three people. Then they claimed that he wrote a Facebook page that supposedly told the story. At this point, it sounded like all speculation. There were no reported evidential links to Dorner or anyone else.

The next story has bumbling cops shooting two innocent citizens without first trying to ID the individuals or trying to arrest them. Because they thought they had Dorner, they were not required to follow any procedure.

Shortly after, Dorner supposedly broke into a home and tied up the occupants. In that report, they do not leave any room for a story that the robber might not have been Dorner even though the victims had no way to properly ID Dorner.

Then, based on the media reports, an unidentified passer-by "thinks" he saw someone who "looked like" Dorner. Finally, the cops burned down a cabin where Dorner might have been because they heard a gun shot.

How do we know that all these sightings were not Elivs? Based on this limited information, there is room for another story that has a Dorner that got away and maybe was never near that cabin. There is also room in the story to make up anything desired, including a manufactured DNA test for the dead body in the cabin.

My gut reaction is that the Dorner story is probably true. But not from the reports that require the audience to have faith in the accuracy of the media. I did not see any value in reporting this Dorner story if this is how it all ends.

Gene Louis
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