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Comment: Kinda like fighting fire with fire?

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Kinda like fighting fire with fire?

Unfortunatly that tactic usually does not work and you end up with what you did not want in the first place, fire.

You and I are welcome to our seperate opinion and I do dissagree with you on Rand Paul.

I find your reasoning, to be without honor. If everyone that runs for the presidency had to be a liar, (Stated endorsment by Rand of Mit Romney while his own Father, a better candidate was fighing hard for the position.)

So if it wasnt a lie, its betrayal. If it was a lie, he is a liar.

Either way your moraly bankrupt to justify your logic. Yet some continue to force this bankrupt logic in support of Rand Paul.
In desperation do not loose your honor.

Great idea to seperate those Rand fans, bet it wont do a bit of good, because I suspect that Rand support for the most part is shills for the PTB to fragment the liberty supporters and corupt them. I would bet a dollar to a donut that the Rand posts will continue on this site for tat reason.