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Comment: What catholics are supposed to believe

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What catholics are supposed to believe

Lucifer being one of Gods most revered angels betrayed Him and was cast out of heaven into "hell" where he established his own kingdom. According to one of the vatican's experts in the story of satan's fall from grace, this mean satan was cast to earth where his kingdom was established. In other words, satan's kingdom is here on earth, not some lake of fire 500 miles below the earth's surface. And it makes sense in a lot of ways. Just look around, look at the corruption, crime, misery, etc.

Jesus was sent into satan's kingdom to prove to mankind that he/she can be saved from this hell that we live in. To turn against satan. This is why acts of human kindness appear as bright spots amid all else. Jesus set the examples and then died as a result of man's inclination towards corruption. The crucifixion was an act of betrayal and corruption. In some ways similar to Lucifers betrayal of God.

But Jesus rose above all that in a glorious way to demonstrate there's a better way... That goodness can overcome evil. It's a story meant to inspire us to live according to our best impulses as human beings instead of our worst.