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I agree with you

I am sure some are acutal Rand Paul suporters but I also am sure that Rand Paul come up through the usurped Tea Party. I am sure that the Rothschid bank controlers who control media and corporations ie funding their two party election system, both sides DNC GOP are atempting to destroy the Liberty movement. However since the liberty movement is about individual freedom they are failing in their standard tactics to either buy out leadership or install puppets or to take over by financial bribe. Teaparty look who paid for their first convention for their installed puppet CIA Bob Barr.

So I do believe their current tactics are to splinter any liberty support if they can get some into factions following shill puppets they cut down the numbers.

That said I do not belive this is about elections. They have destroyed any chance for real elections, media propaganda, liar FU Frank polls, DiBold IzUnreal manufactured electronic vote counters to cheat the count. All the bogus elections laws to protect their left right paradigm. Even sold out Supreme Court Judges who maintain membership in the bank mafia CFR group.

So its about identifying the opposition and leading them back into the slaughter chuts with the rest of the sheeple for butcher.

Good luck, may the sun shine upon you and the wind be at your back.