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Comment: I agree, there is no threat.

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I agree, there is no threat.

Rand may be being used by the heads to get us on board with them and to imply unity. Some will, some will not. But they will not permit Rand a victory.

Rand is already labeled tea party. I will not speak for the rest of the nation, but in this area people are already dismissing him just for that reason. They [establishment repubs and dems] do not take tea party seriously.

My feeling is this: Rand is not gaining my support due to my own reasons, unless between now and then he shows major strides in promoting my values. But if he is the only viable option when there is no one else, I will admit that he may be better than the evils. While I do not support that philosophy...I hope that you see where I am going with this.

My gut, many here are puting all of their eggs into one basket. It is a set up for yet another failure. We need more Liberty at the local and state levels. If we can promote everybody who is on the side of Liberty, who is president should not matter so much. Keep your congresspeople, senators, governors in the lime light. Promote the hell out them when they do right, but also when they do wrong to hold them accountable. This is an intellectual battle that will not be won by propping only one favorite.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul