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Comment: Freedom

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I agree completely with you, smber2c. The problem with the Libertarian left (though their are many "orthodox" libertarian right) is that they may espouse virtue, but they have none. You need to have some sort of definition of right and wrong in order to further anything-absolutes are needed. G.K. Chesterton said it best, "Tolerance is the virtue of the man who has none." Since many left-leaning libertarians state that they must remain "indifferent" on cases such as abortion, they give up any high ground they had. Why should anyone believe them right when absolutes are never taught or attained outside of the manipulative word "liberty"?
Check out the Constitution Party, which is more of an "Old" (paleo) conservative groups than the "New" (neo) con Republican Party.

"The Yankee is compelled to toil to make the world go around."
-Admiral Raphael Semmes, CSN