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Comment: The "government" knows it can NOT defeat Americans...

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The "government" knows it can NOT defeat Americans...

under "normal" circumstances with everyday AMERICAN soldiers because these soldiers, marines, navy, air force, and coast guard people ARE STILL AMERICANS.

WE, the people, will OVERTHROW their nazi/zionist tyranny.

THAT'S why they must have 30,000 drones (and growing exponentially) so they can push a button somewhere and kill Americans all over the country without prejudice.

I hope people can wake up to this before it is too late.

You, snakepit, are nothing more than a snake in the grass. I burn snakes in the grass!

If you think the average American can have drone technology at their fingertips and the where-with-all to conduct warfare or even spying with it you are delusional, at best.

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