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In Fact???

"just as far from wrong as you are knowledgeable about the role of government"... what?... what the f*ck are you talking about?... Role of Government?...

Hey, Buddy!

First off... Who the f*ck was talking about the "Role of Government"?... Do you know what you are typing, or do you use terms you don't understand? (like a few people around here).

I know my types of law... I know contract law or rather Equity Law... I know what the Uniform Commercial Code is you moron. I never gave a legal defense for Ron Paul being Wrong. Why don't you read someones post before you "Control V" your cookie-cutter opinion... If you, by chance, did read it, you should continue to read it until you "Comprehend" it... then write a response that bears any relevance to what I had said.

P.S. I love the "Asshole / Has An Opinion" line... Classic! Super Original... LOL!

Victor Escobar