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Comment: What is wrong with many DPers?

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What is wrong with many DPers?

Are you mourning a killer? Of course cops killed him! He's a psychopath who obviously has been screwed over , so what does he do? He murders an innocent daughter and son in law and 2 other cops and shoots wildly at any cop he sees and burglarized, robbed and tapped and elderly couple (imagine if any of these people were related to you?). Sounds like a stand up good guy to me! By the way, you don't even know if the manifesto was even sincere truth or ramblings of someone disturbed, your only assuming its true because you don't like authority/police. I'm not saying he's right but if I was on a team and he kept killing my teammates and children of my team mates and wants to kill me you bet ya I'm gonna kill him if he doesn't come out hands up!


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