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Comment: Vieira's plan is Founder's plan

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Vieira's plan is Founder's plan

1. This plan in essence is not really a top down approach. What Edwin is proposing would in a practical sense, restore the power to WE THE PEOPLE once again. The non-commissioned officers would be elected locally. Just as during the War of Independence, any corrupt Governor today would be removed from office and their unlawful orders would not be followed. Gage tried this at Lexington. The royal governors in NH & VA also failed because the PEOPLE did not obey their unjust orders and they had to flee.

2. The Founders believed the 2nd Amendment was not only a Right but a Duty and responsibility to participate. This was NECESSARY if we are to remain a "free PEOPLE" in a "free State". For those that choose to get an exemption, I think a fee is fair and justified. The money it generated would go to making the State Militia self funded.

3.I know for a fact, he does not oppose private possession of firearms.I have personally known him for 8 years. If you like duck hunting, skeet shooting,private protection, etc. that is all fine but that is not the primary intent and purpose of the 2nd Amendment.

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