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NOT entirely true

Founders said that both of your parents had to be citizens prior to your birth. They could be natural born or naturalized citizens but just so long as they were citizens.

In the case of Marco Rubio, BOTH his parents were Cuban citizens and were in fact hell bent on returning to Cuba eventually. But when returning was determined years later to be out of the question, they acquiesced and applied for US citizenship.

Therefore Marco Rubio is NOT natural born

Bobby Jindal has this same problem as both of his parents were not citizens at the time of his birth

Obama had only one parent who was a citizen and she, according to the law at the time, had no ability because of her age to give him such citizenship

ALL three were born with DUEL CITIZENSHIPS. This is fine for most jobs but not fine when it comes to qualifying for the Presidency. Thus the need for the Natural Born citizen clause in the Constitution.