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Comment: "What happens when the power goes out and your credit card

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"What happens when the power goes out and your credit card

doesn't work?" I pull out my emergency cash or write a check but you proved his point.. There is still a danger there either way which you can't overlook if you're honest.

"Problem with bitcoin is that it is being subjected to strange manipulations and speculation. The relative value of the bitcoin to a dollar as wildly swung between what, $11 and $30, currently settled at $14, last I heard."

True but there are more issues with it.

No intrinsic value. Gold and silver have other uses that make it more valuable and reliable. They're used in thousands of applications. unless we go back to the stone age, that's going to be the case for sometime to come and even IF we did.. it still would have ornamental value and could be formed into other tangible things and useful things.

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