Comment: By now, i think the evidence

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By now, i think the evidence

By now, i think the evidence speaks that rand paul is a zionist shill.

And for Ron Paul to do this, speaks to the rumours that he was experiencing the early onset of alzeihmers. some of you can't take it. but i think that rumour was true. i heard it form adam kokesh on his show.

Why would he care about web site on the internet in his name?

He could just say his domain name was or something like that. or

why ???

why steal from another person.

you people aren't thinking rationally, and libertarianism was about thinking rationally. although i'm not really rational myself. INFP. 38% Feeling on the Briggs-Meyers, but at least i read a lot of books, so my feelings are true to me.

And so i say Ron Paul better get a vaporizer and inhale marijuana. And he should take THC oil. He should fight for his right to do it in Texas, or he should move to Colorado.

He really needs marijuana. my uncle just had a stroke and we were talking, and he's considering moving to colorado to take marijuana through a vaporizer so he can regenerate brain tissue.

Ron Paul needs to regenerate his brain tissue. Then he won't care that some guy has a website with his name on it. He obviously didn't care for those racist newsleters that had his name, so why should he now?