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I see what you're saying

but there's a big contradiction to deal with: the body you are expecting to uphold your rights is incapable of existing without violations those same rights. You expect the government to enforce property rights, yet by its very nature the government MUST violate them in order to exist. I'm not in total disagreement with you though. I would love to live in a world of minarchist/constitutionalist/limited government, but the problem remains. Governments rightfully possess no rights beyond those of individuals, since governments are merely groups of individuals.

We can easily see how the private economy can handle the post, transportation, utilities, etc, but when it comes to the idea of the law, it's harder to visualize. But the two glaring faults are: 1.) the state is the arbitrator in its own disputes, and 2.) it violates the very rights it is charged with upholding.

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