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Comment: I don't think the arguments

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I don't think the arguments

I don't think the arguments for or against Rand are "inane" at all.

In fact, it is the crux of the movement. I don't see why we need to break up fights. I think we *need* to work through this stuff. Otherwise, we are dead like the tea party.

The Rand page is a bit too "controlled" for my taste, but it is your site (and I'm not a paying member, so who am I to complain?). IMHO, stifling this kind of debate will just stall our progress, and make people more angry. It's exactly the kind of thing that drew people into supporting Ron. When they ignored Ron and tried to stifle arguments for or against him, it made us more determined.

I respect the attempt to solve the problem, but like it or not, people now have firm opinions on Rand and "corralling" these opinions into a little outhouse just isn't going to work. Welcome to the Internet! :)