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I-95, which is generally 55

I-95, which is generally 55 mph and 75mph at it's fastest, depending on the stretch of it is at 1.73 fatal accidents per mile.

The German autobahns show 27% lower death rate than American highways.

You have shown nothing but an appeal to emotion for an imaginary problem.

The Germans even decreased their accident rate by.... guess what, education... Not laws.

Irresponsible behavior cannot be legislated away. If someone is not responsible, they don't care about the laws anyway.

And we have shown that these victimless crime laws are in fact what creates/funds and makes the police state worse.

So their is real benefit to it's elimination, but no positive to it's presence.

In addition, you personally ignored 55mph because you didn't believe it applied to you safely operating a vehicle. There are people I wouldn't want on the road at 40mph, and there are people that I would have no problem with 90mph. This is about personal ability, not arbitrary state requirements.

Victimless crime laws, do not define crimes, but parameters by which the government may control your otherwise harmless behavior.


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