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According to Lew

"-Ron is not using the State to acquire He could have brought a lawsuit in US government courts, but he did not. He is seeking to have ICANN enforce its own rules against cybersquatting, including the rule against registering a famous person’s name and making money off it. Anyone registering a URL agrees to keep all the rules, just as he must pay a recurring fee. A URL is not private property in the normal sense. It is a license, and ICANN is a private, non-profit organization."

If it is true that the rules you sign when you register a domain include not making money off a famous person's name, I would say this is pretty open and shut.

Many thanks to the folks for being decent people and running a good site, but the rules you agreed to say that you don't really have a case here.

I hope Ron does pay a reasonable amount to these folks, as even though the rules are in his favor, they did put a lot of time in. Karma says give them some love. I say $50k, but that is me just throwing out a number.


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