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"You have shown nothing but an appeal to emotion for an

imaginary problem."

How is it imaginary? People don't speed? They don't die from speeding deaths? No.. what you're doing is stating that's what I'm doing as a deflection tactic, while the truth is right there in front of you.

Speeding was a random topic..

I was an Anarchist when I was younger, until I found out what it was about. :) I realized after getting more knowledge over time, that it didn't answer question in depth and I look for fine details and how things work.. Nobody to date has laid out a plan of action that I've ever seen in 20 plus years.

It sounded good from a selfish standpoint.. I GET ULTIMATE FREEDOM!!! but as I looked around and grew up I realized that I wasn't the only thing that mattered on the planet and even though Anarchy had great ideas which in more than few cases would work just fine, it didn't answer enough of the worlds problems percentage wise for me to stick with it.

Much like socialism, it sounded awesome in lectures and on paper, but making it work in the real world.. meh.

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