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Comment: How does that make any sense?

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How does that make any sense?

You wish to "fix" the -imaginary problem- with more government? More infrastructure, more of what is hurting us?

Because "your a smart guy"? Because you have the "solution"?

Most of life's problems, especially the imaginary ones have no solutions.

Btw, my mother has an issue with speed. She can't be on the road with people going too fast. She stays off the highways.

I personally avoid stretches of I-95 during certain times.

This is how we deal with issues associated with risk and drivers. But you suggest we should have an infrastucture for every one incapable of handling their own lives and risk assessment?

Should their be a 3rd system for people like my mother? Should there be a 4th system for people like me who avoid especially dangerous times on the highway? Where does the government end for you?

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