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Not sure if you are trolling

Not sure if you are trolling or never paid much attention to history.
Once a government begins bypassing basic human rights such as due process it is a government on the verge of tyranny.
These basic rights serve a dual purpose, they give us the assurance that if we are falsely accused of a crime that we get our day in court. But more importantly they are a power check for power hungry governments. It draws a line and sets boundaries. This line is now gone and unless the public at large protests and reminds the government where that line is supposed to be, they (government) will draw a new one where they feel most comfortable, one that suppresses basic rights and freedoms.
No matter how well intentioned a government is when imposing the loss of basic rights, it is human nature to abuse it. Much like the law of gravity will cause a bridge to collapse if enough structural support is weakened or removed.