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"How is it imaginary? People don't speed? They don't die from speeding deaths?"

People die from bathroom falls too. Let's create a law that requires people to enter bathrooms with a partner, and violators will get a $100 fine. Increased revenue, increased safety, increased
searches... It's win/win/win for the government and a lose/lose/lose for civilization.

You have failed to prove that speeding laws have ANY beneficial effect. You have failed to prove that the lack of them would have a negative effect.

You fail to justify their existence.

As far as when you were younger. Perhaps you were smarter back then. My anarchist beliefs are not for selfish reasons, quite the opposite. I have enough skill to dominate my fellow man through politics and/or business. I choose not to. If I was selfish, I might choose otherwise.

A "voter" is a selfish, dominating creature without the skill to directly dominate. Therefore they delegate through law, their controlling tendencies, and to implement their "grand designs" on the world.

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