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Comment: The laws are the problem!!! We hate the laws!!!

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The laws are the problem!!! We hate the laws!!!


No YOU'RE doing what you claim I am lol.

Not ALL laws are a problem. Just the laws that allow for corruption but it goes DEEPER than that... the PEOPLE who enforce the laws are the real problem just as the people who shoot others are and not the guns.

So.. if and I say IFFFFFFFF the rate of abuses by the speeding law were curtailed by lets say 95% would the law be better? No no.. probably not right? Maybe if it was 99%? No no.. probably not.. we need to do away with the laws to stop corruption!! Then everything would be perfect? Corruption would stop because it had been moved to private companies or insurance companies?

We all know that insurance companies are trustworthy and backed with the power of private property they would no doubt do good by us.

I'm being a little facetious here to illustrate that every answer has the propensity to cause it's own set of's the degree of trouble, really the lack of trouble I look for in an answer.

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