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is supposedly slang for CS gas, which many of us know from Waco is flammable. Surely there weren't guys going up and lighting the cabin up with torches, but I could see CS gas being shot through the windows, and then a flashbang to set it off.

The most disturbing part of that radio clip was where one guy said "like we talked about, " which is code for this is being recorded so don't say shit.

When I saw that cabin burning on the "news" last night, It brought back memories of Waco. It reminded me of how easily I was swayed by the media back then. Until some of my friends helped rebuild their church, I didn't really know (or care to know) much about them.
I'm not stating that I agreed with every aspect of their lifestyles, but it definitely could have been handled differently.

This was another burnt offering in which I believe the truth was one of the first casualties.