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"People die from bathroom falls too."

Of course they do, both bathroom deaths and speeding deaths are real. How many bathroom homicides are there? A few of those too right? Do we regulate those with laws.. sore.. there is a crime. Is there prior behavior that happens that puts people who use bathrooms at risk of bathroom homicides? I don't think I've ever heard of someone behaving recklessly in a bathroom that caused someone's death.. Man failed to lower toilet seat and wife downed at 3AM?


The equation has to be reworked when risky behavior has the potential of hurting others. It's no longer a case of personal Liberty where you harm no other.

"You have failed to prove that speeding laws have ANY beneficial effect. You have failed to prove that the lack of them would have a negative effect."

True but we started off with you saying you'd discuss it as if I had. It would be kind of hard to prove being that but proving it isn't my goal.. trying to figure out how YOU would set up a "system" of Anarchy is. I did mention to you that I wasn't looking for a debate but answers?.. specifically your answers, since I addressed this thread to you.

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