Comment: Aft casts are better fishing. Let us fish around Hong Kong.

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Aft casts are better fishing. Let us fish around Hong Kong.

Have you read the history of Hong Kong Shang Hai Bank? Have you read about how pirates traded opium, fought with the Emperor of China, settled for a 99 year lease of Hong Kong Island for their lare?

Do you feel lucky? Will you find buried treasure in a pirates lare?

Come visit Hong Kong. Bring a shovel. Here is legend about where treasure might have been buried. Search for yourself. Happy hunting.
Cheng Po Tsai, son of a local fisherman when he was kidnapped by the notorious pirate couple Cheng I and Ching Shih. Adopted into a life of crime. Legend has it, when Cheng I died, Cheng Po married his adoptive mother. He choose himself to run the family business of pillage and plunder.

He commanded a fearsome pirate fleet of 600 ships and a veritable pirate army of 20,000 men. In 1810, he surrendered to the government. He was awarded navy colonel rank. Then, assigned to patrol the coast of Taiwan.

Cheng Po squirreled his pirate treasure, reportedly on Cheng Chau island 6 miles off the coast of Hong Kong. Visitors can follow in his footsteps and climb down into a small cave near the coast and look for themselves, but no treasure has ever been found. The cave is on the southwestern peninsula of the island, and is well marked. The treasure is not... Not well marked, that is.


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