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When I look up the word Anarchism on Wikipedia, it appears the various schools of thought of what is, or what comprises anarchism, is so undefined, I struggle to label anyone an Anarchist. Seems to me there is vast confusion around the term.
I get that we have disdain for pre-emptive regulations and governance by the state. But what about remedial (criminal) prosecution? "Anarchists" that I have talked to do not favor an environment to the exclusion of criminal prosecution.
I would suggest that most "self professed" anarchists are really just libertarians. Which is to say, where the government is conservative (constrained), we the people have liberties. Where the government is liberal, we the people are more constrained.
I seem to remember RP espousing a government that operates within the confines of the constitution. Where anarchism is somehow a political environment to the exclusion of the state, I can't say I remember RP ever promoting such.