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Then the times below, where I said (3 different occasions), that I preferred to discuss application of anarchist principles to our current real world and not an imaginary post-state world, and you said "yeah, that's the meat etc etc".. You meant the opposite of that?

You have no blueprint, AT ALL. You think you do. But in reality, because no statist or minarchist can agree on every detail, because their beliefs stem from emotional reaction, or cost/benefit, it is impossible to actually agree on it.

Anarchists have already provided the blueprint. It's called the NAP. On this, we agree. And because all of our logic stems from a single perspective, which is both moral, and beneficial, it is much easier for us to agree, or when we disagree, come to an understanding on why the disagreement is present. Nothing else is our concern. Some, like AnCaps will try to describe what they think things will look like.

But the reality is, we don't know. We know the markets and society will form whatever it chooses to form.

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