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Maybe I wasn't clear enough

Maybe I wasn't clear enough in my article.

In answer to your question, "Why are you threatened by a single individual who has a certain set of beliefs that you consider to be orthodox?", "orthodoxy" in the way I use it in this piece does not refer to any beliefs held. Completely contradictory beliefs can all be held as orthodoxies by different people.

"Orthodoxy" refers to the way the beliefs are held. I am describing an epistemological phenomenon, here. In other words, the thrust of this piece is precisely against requiring conformity (thought control) in the beliefs of those who love liberty - beyond the foundational principles that comprise its definition, of course.

Of course, you are right that an Orthodoxy by consensus is more dangerous than that of an individual, which is, I guess, the motivation for the article. And I certainly don't feel threatened by any individuals. I love Liberty and want to see the movement succeed. I am sharing my experience of things that I see may hinder that effort (as you are doing in your comment, for which thanks).

I absolutely am not trying to apply a "version of thought control to any individuals". Not sure where that comes from or what you are referring to - as I don't advocate for any particular thoughts/beliefs here, but rather a state of mind of being open to the idea that there may always be something I do not know, which could change (or refine) my mind... and that other people that are at a different point of their evolution, with different experiences, and with a different understanding of liberty's finer points should not be put down or excluded - at least if we want our values to take hold.