Comment: I agree with you on those points

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I agree with you on those points

and I certainly agree "not in current society" - I just don't see how that has a correlation to anarchy.

We HAVE those rights now - but the sheeple stopped exercising them and as such social norm changed.

But those "rights" do not guarantee success anyways. So having the right to defend yourself does not lead to actually be ABLE to defend yourself. I dare say as I get older, this becomes more of a reality - LOL. I wish not to rely on my own physical attributes 20 years from now. So who then what - I am the weak antelope to the hungry lion?

It then goes back to a survival of the fittest situation - not a civilized society situation. And again, those of less moral standards will prey upon those that are "weaker" and society will decay.

We need to restore those rights, but anarchy is not the answer.