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Comment: While I agree with your

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While I agree with your

While I agree with your conclusion (tolerance for viewpoints other than your own) I don't buy how you got there.

You seem to be suggesting that "truth" is a construction of the mind, and that different minds can conclude that differing facts are true. This is an incorrect view of reality.

There IS such a thing as truth, and it exists OUTSIDE of the mind. It CANNOT be true both that Churchill was a warmonger and that he was not (assuming that there is agreement on the definition of "warmonger"). If "truth" is a construct of the mind, and two individuals can reach different conclusions on what is fact and BOTH be correct, why even bother to find the truth?

I reach your conclusion in a very different way. While I know that truth exists I try to approach life from the Zen framework of "beginner's mind". While I know certain facts to be true, I always hold open the possibility that I may be wrong - that in the next moment, the facts that I have known as true may be shattered. The working mind - the truth seeking mind - is always considering new opinions, facts, theories and testing them against reality, adjusting what it knows based on new information.

This is why it's important to consider the viewpoints of others with whom you disagree, and why one should be tolerant of those whom one knows are wrong about the truth. We acquire knowledge (and dispel ignorance) throughout our lives. We've ALL been wrong plenty of times. Hating someone who you know is wrong is childish. Until - that is - you are convinced that they actually know the truth and are lying about it for personal gain.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein