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Comment: Bill H3478 defeated by author!

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Bill H3478 defeated by author!

Email I received from my homeschool association:

Update on H3478
February 12, 2013

Thanks to hundreds of phone calls and emails, the efforts of SCAIHS' legislative liason Zan Tyler, Facebook and the entire home school community, God has seen fit to defeat H3478 less than a week after the initial alert went out.

Below is a letter from Zan Tyler. Please note that Representative Brannon says, "I no longer support this bill in its current form." We can certainly rejoice in this victory, but we cannot let down our guard.

I just got off the phone with Representative Brannon, the author of H.3478. He told me that he has written a letter to Representative Phil Owens, the chairman of the House Education and Public Works Committee, and to Andy Patrick, chairman of the K-12 Subcommittee.

Here is the body of the letter:

"I write to ask that H. 3478 remain in subcommittee without hearing. I no longer support this bill in its current form and do not want the bill to become law. I've talked with Representatives Horne and Anthony and have informed them of my decision. They both concur."

Representative Brannon told me he has never tried to kill one of his own bills. He found out that once the bill has been read across the desk, it becomes the property of the body (the House of Representatives). He was informed that writing this letter was the best way to nullify the bill.

The House is on furlough until February 19. If there is any more news on this, we will certainly keep in touch. Thanking those elected officials who have listened to you and helped defeat this bill is never out of order.

Thank you for all you have done to defeat this bill. Your passion for parental rights, your phone calls, and your e-mails have worked. Representative Patrick told me yesterday he had received over 500 e-mails and that he has never had a response like this to any other issue since he has been in the House.

Defeating this bill has truly been a joint effort.

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