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Third Party advocate

I have no use for political parties, especially the Republicans and Democrats, who have been slowly destroying our country for the past 100 years. That is why my voter registration reads "Independent". And although I have been a long time conservative, and remain so in many of my views, I find my political beliefs leaning more toward the libertarian side. As an "Independent" voter, I like to call myself a "Conservatarian".

I also realize that as much as I would like to see political parties disappear, that is just not going to happen, so I pay attention to what is being said by alternate third parties. Send this video to your friends, not as an endorsement of the Libertarian Party, but more as an opportunity to let them know we can do better than what is foisted upon us by the Republicans and the Democrats. In my opinion, voting should not be about casting your vote for the candidate that you think has the best chance of winning (the "wasted vote" syndrome), but rather voting for that candidate that best represents what you believe. For that reason, it will serve you well to pay attention to what third parties have to say.