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I don't. I have my ideas, as do other anarchists.

Neither do your politicians, or you, or the wisest of men among us. Though that won't stop you, and the politicians from trying to enforce your "grand design" down my throat at the end of a gun.

That is the point of anarchism and markets. We acknowledge that no man is capable of enforcing his beliefs on others to a good end, or coming up with a solution better than the markets would.

The markets would dictate, through success/failure what makes sense.

We also acknowledge that we are not morally capable of defining someone else's life in a just way.

We define our own lives, and look to the free markets (you have never seen one, because they haven't existed in the US in a very long time) for answers to social problems and issues.

The NAP is a defining principle to the belief system. It is universally accepted in nature, law, and religion (well, in theory on the religion part).

It not only defines acceptable behavior but a recourse when wronged. It defines in very simple terms allowable behavior, and disallowed behavior.

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